Epson Powered Print and Apply Systems

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When Epson 6-Axis and SCARA robots are combined with Epson Colorworks label printers, the possibilities are endless. Labels can be printed on demand and applied in any orientation with little or no operator intervention. Please view our other videos for in depth analysis of other applications of this technology.

By combining our experience with automation and Epson robots and IPSi’s extensive knowledge of Epson label printers, we were able to create a solution that can reduce manufacturing costs while and improve part quality and consistency. This system is built around an Epson VT6L 6-axis robot, Epson ColorWorks C6500P printer, and our custom designed Label Take-Away unit. Color labels are printed on demand, allowing label information to be changed on the fly, from label to label if desired. After being dispensed onto the custom label take away unit, the robot will pick the label using a custom vacuum EOAT and apply it to the product. Because the labels are fed on to a separate take away system, the next label will also be printed while the robot is in motion, reducing cycle times.



Mixed Footage of our Epson Robot Print/Apply on Round Container Label Applicator and our Flat Box Label Applicator leveraging the same label takeaway unit and the Epson C6500P. The possibilities are incredible when marrying on-demand color label printing with Epson Robots.

The Flat Box system was built for the 2022 Philadelphia Pack Ex show, where our Epson Print Apply system was publicly debuted to a positive audience. One of the key features of this Flat Box Demo machine was the ability to print and apply 3 labels with completely different artwork on the same box from one label printer. 

By revealing this system in such a large venue, we were able to attract the attention of many people on the industry who were not aware a setup like this was even possible. This generated many exciting insightful and forward-looking conversations with not only potential customers, but manufacturers and distributors as well.

This machine was built for a customer in the cannabis industry to apply labels to round containers. They often run small batches, making on demand printing a necessity.  By adding a wrap belt to our existing configuration, we were able to quickly and easily adapt from a flat box to the round container. Our Take Away system also allowed the orientation of the label to be changed from what most manually loaded label wrap stations required, which means more labels per roll and less operator intervention. Due to the small container and regulatory requirements, a vision system was added to automatically adjust the robot pick position and inspect the data printed on the label. This ensures that the correct label is applied perfectly to every container.


This customer also needed the ability to run two different sized jars. We designed and built a changeover system that can be completed by trained operators in minutes. Hard stops are integrated into all adjustment points to reduce operator error 


A Rockwell CompactLogix PLC and Site Edition software were also integrated into this machine to facilitate connections with existing production management software and ancillary equipment. We currently offer these machines with Rockwell or Yaskawa based control systems.